Wentworth Falls Bowling Club Board of Directors Notice

To all Members

The club recently advised Members that Katoomba RSL ASC would be opening on 23 June 2020 after government-imposed health restrictions due to Covd-19 were being eased to permit limited club trading.

At the same time, the club also advised that Wentworth Falls Bowling Club would not be reopening and that the Club was seeking to amalgamate Wentworth Falls Bowling Club with another registered club.

Members of the Board met recently with the executive of Wentworth Falls Bowling Club and outlined that this course of action is being undertaken due to the severe impact of the loss of trade and future trading due to Covid-19, the substantial losses that Wentworth Falls Bowling Club has incurred since it was acquired in 1993 and the current financial arrangement regarding the total rebuild of Katoomba RSL Club.

The Board would prefer not to have to undertake this course of action, but to continue without acting is unsustainable.

The Board of your club recognises that Wentworth Falls Bowling Club has been for many years and continues to be, an integral part of community life in this area and earnestly wishes that this continues to be the case for years to come.

In seeking to amalgamate Wentworth Falls Bowling Club with another registered club the Board of Katoomba RSL All Services Club is moving in a direction to ensure its continued community presence into the future.

Members will be regularly updated on the progress of this venture.

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