The Rebuild


Introduing Kidswest Cash Housie Bingo! Coming soon to Katoomba RSL...


Introducing The Red Poppy Brasserie! Coming soon to Katoomba RSL...


This week down at the site has seen the complete removal of scaffolding on Merriwa Street, revealing the beautiful sandstone cladding in all its glory.

Work on the rest of the sandstone cladding continues in the front entrance area and preparations have started for works on the outdoor terrace.

The reception area with raised ceilings is looking fantastic and will be a real feature when you first enter the club.

Outdoor gaming heaters have also been installed.


Our brand new Club is now so close to being finished as work on final touches continues.

Check out the stunning corner window feature which has now been fully revealed.  You can only really fathom how giant and striking this is if you go for a walk past it.

Another milestone is the completion of our fireplace with a floor to ceiling rock feature wall.

The outdoor gaming area is transforming as we see multicoloured wooden slats and fans installed in the roof.


We now have front doors! The fit out has begun for the fireplace in the main bar, the indoor TAB area and carpet tiles are starting to go down!


We are so impressed with the progress being made down at the site!

Finishing touches like our roof entrance feature and restaurant heat lamps are going in, aswell as fridges and cabinetry.


Lots of work happening down at the site as we work towards a July open!


Check out the tiling in our new Restaurant Bar!
We are also getting a clearer picture of what it will be like to hang out in our new Main Bar area & ofcourse the front entrance which has now been uncovered! No scaffolding


Exciting times for us down at the site this week as our brand new beer taps get installed and tiling begins in the kitchen service areas.


Toilets are starting to pop up around the site! Work also continues on a multitude of other milestones as we watch in awe and realise that the finish line is now in sight, only a couple of months away...


Work continues on walls and finer details... & It's getting easier to visualise our brand new Club


We're making some serious progress as air conditioning units get lifted into place, tiling continues in the bathrooms and waterproofing is nearing completion in our service areas...


Some major changes down at the site this week and our builders are making progress in leaps and bounds as they start to tile bathrooms, continue work on the bar and kitchen areas and exterior sandstone cladding!


This week our restaurant bar and servery area are being built! Works continue on a multitude of other milestones.


It's an exciting week for us down at the site as sandstone cladding is starting to appear on the exterior walls and glass panels are starting to move on in! Work is also continuing on a multitude of other milestones including the ventilation, cabling and interior walls.


Work continues on the cabling, insulation, gyprocking and ventilation...


Work has now begun on insulation, gyprocking and ventilation and work continues on the cabling.


It's all hands on deck at the site as walls start to go up and the cabling, brickwork & interior framing continue.


Works continue on the cabling and interior framing.

Today staff were able to test out the logistics of their new working space with a mock-up, to scale foam version of the new main bar!

Cabling is starting to appear all over the site and that's just the beginning! Interior walls are also starting to pop up.


The site is certainly starting to take shape and look more like a Club as the weeks go by.
Our builders are continuing their work on the interior brickwork and running to schedule which is great news!


Work continues on the interior framing and roof.


Lots of progress down at the site this week with the roof moving forward to completion and the interior steel framing going up fast!


Work continues on our roof as insulation is laid.


Work has officially begun on our brand new roof!


Our builders have returned from their Christmas break this week, with our roof being the next milestone we are working towards. The site should look quite different by this time next week!


Our builders are now on their well deserved Christmas break, returning early January when they will be working on the roof.


Some of the exterior brickwork is now going up and the builders are continuing to prepare for the roofing.


The steel framing is continuing to rise up!


Work continues as our builders continue to erect the steel framing